Cadastre & land registration

Cadastral surveying is the sub-field of cadastre and surveying that specialises in the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries. It is an important component of the legal creation of properties.

The land book includes the description of the buildings and the entries regarding the real estate rights, the personal rights, the facts or the legal relationships that relate to the buildings. In short, the registration in the Land Book (the tabulation) of a building, has the same function as the identity card for a person.

We provide services of land surveying and preparation of cadastral documentation required for first registration of real estate properties in the Land Book, update of technical records, land plots consolidation/ division, recording of new constructions in case of real estate properties already registered in the Land Book (tabulated), both for legal entities or individuals.

All the topographic and cadastre services we provide are undertaken by our personnel using latest GNSS equipment, total stations, levels, telemeters etc. that ensure a high accuracy of the topographic surveys.

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Our services

Cadastral documentation for Bucharest and Ilfov county

Cadastre and tabulation for any land type;

First registration of the property in the Land Book (property tabulation);

Cadastre and tabulation for commercial and industrial buildings;

Removing a property from the Land Book;

Surveys for apartaments, commercial and industrial buildings;

Registration in the Land Book of land plots consolidation/ division;

Land planning consulting;

Removal of the land from the agricultural circuit.

What are the necessary documents?

Regardless of the service you request, the following documents are required::

  • Owner’s Identity Card (individuals)/ Unique Registration Number – C.U.I. (legal entity) – copy
  • certified copies of property deeds;
  • other documents that you have at the time (order of the prefect, court judgments, judicial technical expertise report, information extracts, pre-existing cadastre and so on).

How is the cadastral documentation produced?

The cadastral surveying has four stages:

  • identifying the location of the building and drafting the technical documentation;
  • the execution of the measurements and the field works on a flexible date, agreed in agreement with the owner of the building;
  • preparation of documentations;
  • submitting the documentation to the Territorial Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising for approval.

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