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Who are we?

We are Control Survey, a company with experience in the field of land surveying services .

What are we doing?

We always find solutions to your problems, through quality engineering services.

Why us?

We always complete the projects on time, with precision and transparency.

About us

We provide effective solutions
that cut costs and risks for our clients

We are an ANCPI authorized company with over 9 years experience in the field of land and engineering surveying. We support you in your projects with quality services, carried out promptly and meticulously with the help of high precision equipment and a team of experienced engineers.

We treat each project with care and professionalism, regardless of it's difficulty. Moreover, all the projects taken over by our company have been successfully completed and for this reason our clients recommend us dearly. Because we respect all our clients, each and every client is considered by our company as a working partner, to whom we provide specialized technical consultancy throughout the project.

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Reasons to choose us

We are the right solution, in case you have to carry out land surveying services, UAV or 3D laser scanning.

Our fee will be clearly set from the beginning.

We adapt to your needs, having a flexible program for measurements.

Our services

Accurate, affordable and quality land surveying services

intabulare, cadastru, carte funciara

For land, civil and industrial buildings to identify the property boundary.

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We offer a wide range of topographical surveying services and solutions to meet our clients' needs.

We offer topographic measurements and surveys at various precision parameters on the site.

3D Laser Scanning is fast becoming the industry norm for precision surveying in high precision and high value environments. construcții civile și industriale.

The UAV will act as an eye in the sky for our clients, opening more opportunities and delivering greater results than ever before.

We provide sensor equipment and manual monitoring services for railway, tunnel and shaft, bridge, slope, embankment and buildings. 

We always find solutions to your problems, anytime, anywhere

Our team offers specialized services in the field cadastral,topographic, GIS, UAV and 3D scanning at affordable prices, made quickly and efficiently.

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